Eco Bee Garden Event

In response to the request to have a Eco Bee garden visit on weekend.

Here is the detail of the activities:(3.30-5pm)
Visitor will get to learn:
1. The different system that the garden used to make it sustainable, zero food waste and create a system that created a full food chain cycle.
2. Learn how each system interact with one and other. Vermi and Black Soldier fly compost, Chicken coop, fish pond, plants and bees.
3. Get yourself surrounded by bees and find out why they are not dangerous.
4. Learn to identify the types of bees, stinging and non-stinging.
5. Why bees are important to our environment.

If you would like to join the honey appreciation after the bee garden visit you can chose the differnt option.

As for honey appreciation workshop; (5pm - 6.30pm)
During the workshop you will learn
-How the bee produces honey
-Differences between commercial beekeepers and natural beekeeper
-Types of honey out there.
-Which is honey is most preferred
-How you can use of sensory to judged the quality of the honey.

You will also get to taste the different honey I have collected from my beekeeper friends around the world, such as Germany, Africa, Taiwan, and USA
You might also get to taste the honey that are directly harvest from the beehive on that day.
I will be selling some honey at the very special price. Perfect gift for your Christmas!

URL: http://nutrinestbeegarden2.peatix.com

Learning the different type of local honey bees found in SIngapore.

Experiencing close contact with the foraging bees and get confidence that how safe it can be to be so close to the bees if you know how you should behave.

Taste some raw honey directly extracted from the bee hive for those who joined the Honey appreciation workshop!

Sat Dec 9, 2017
3:30 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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30 durban Road, the Ashram
Bee Garden Visit SOLD OUT $15.00
Honey Appreciation workshop SOLD OUT $25.00
Bee Garden Visit plus Honey Appreciation WS SOLD OUT $35.00
Venue Address
30 Durban Road Singapore
Eco Bee Garden Event